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DODGE Bearing

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DODGE Bearing Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
DODGE FB-DL-012 Flange Block Bearings 76.0 LB Flange Mount Left Hand (CCW) 3525VQ25A21-11DD20-LH
DODGE WSTU-SC-010 Take Up Unit Bearings 0.0 LB 25VQT Buna-N -
DODGE EFC-IP-108LE Flange Block Bearings 101.0 LB Flange Mount Left Hand (CCW) 4525VQ42A21-11AA20-LH
2.688 Inch | 68.275 Millimeter x 5.75 Inch | 146.05 Millimeter x 4.75 Inch | 120.65 Millimeter DODGE P4B-SD-211 Pillow Block Bearings 35.0 LB Flange Mount Left Hand (CCW) V2020-1F9S7S-1AA30-LH
DODGE FB-SC-104S-NL Flange Block Bearings 35.0 LB Flange Mount Right Hand (CW) V2020-1F12S7S-1AA30
3 Inch | 76.2 Millimeter x 3.5 Inch | 88.9 Millimeter x 3.125 Inch | 79.38 Millimeter DODGE EP2B-IP-300LE Pillow Block Bearings Piston Pumps PVQ10 16.0 LB Flange Mount
DODGE INS-S2-111R Insert Bearings Spherical OD 76.0 LB Flange Mount Right Hand (CW) 3525VQ38A14-11AA20
4 Inch | 101.6 Millimeter x 4.703 Inch | 119.456 Millimeter x 4.25 Inch | 107.95 Millimeter DODGE SP2B-IP-400RE Pillow Block Bearings 75.0 LB Flange Mount Right Hand (CW) 3520VQ30A5-1AA20
1.438 Inch | 36.525 Millimeter x 2.547 Inch | 64.694 Millimeter x 2.375 Inch | 60.325 Millimeter DODGE P2B-K-107R Pillow Block Bearings 118.0 LB Flange Mount Right Hand (CW) 4535VQ60A30-1AA20
DODGE FC-SCM-208 Flange Block Bearings 75.0 LB Flange Mount Left Hand (CCW) 3520VQ35A5-1AA20-LH
3.25 Inch | 82.55 Millimeter x 4.172 Inch | 105.969 Millimeter x 3.75 Inch | 95.25 Millimeter DODGE P4B-IP-304RE Pillow Block Bearings 45.0 LB Flange Mount Left Hand (CCW) 2520VQ17A8-1CC20-LH
DODGE FC-GTM-75M Flange Block Bearings 75.0 LB Flange Mount Left Hand (CCW) 42 gal/min @ 1200 rpm

DODGE Bearing : A Complete Guide to Buying

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  • 5、Bearings are the most efficient way to minimise friction in dynamic machines. But in order for them to function properly, material selection is key.

How many types of bearings are there?

  • 1、There are three main parts in a ball bearing: two grooved, ringlike races, ... The races are of the same width but different diameters; the smaller one, fitting inside 
  • 2、Due to their properties and affordability, they are among the most common types of ... Different type radial bearings can transfer both radial as well as axial loads
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  • 1、Precision Rolling Bearing Types and Designs ... Study bearing arrangement and types ... defines its own narrower range for precision bearings.
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  • 1、Emerson Bearing has been providing expert solutions for all your ball and roller bearing needs for the last 50 years. Learn more today!
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  • 3、Read our buying guides and make the right choice ... The absence of a cage allows the bearing to have more rows of rollers and therefore to support even ...
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